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The history of the Roncato family begins in the 1940s, immediately after the Second World War, when Antonio Roncato and his wife Palmira begin, with great difficulty, to produce bags and suitcases for the Italian emigrants who at that time embarked on the journey of their life. A journey towards the hope of arriving in a better place than the one that was left. Roncato Move Your Dream is the story of a dream, which originates in the same period in which Italian emigrants headed to America. Travel, dreams, passion and courage are the values ​​that gave life to the initial project and that still animate the Roncato family today. In the 1970s, the luggage brand became an icon of Made in Italy worldwide. To date, Valigeria Roncato boasts the distinction of having the lightest Italian-made polycarbonate trolley in the world.
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